Explore how our 3-to-1 model can help you leap the knowing-doing gap and supercharge your programs.

The 3-to-1 Model: A Simple Way To Take Your Training To The Next Level

“Sitting down for an hour-long training just doesn’t fit into a terminal manager’s day-to-day reality. LEADx is an on-demand leadership solution that takes just five minutes.” 

Tom Zahler

Put Our 3-to-1 Model 
To Practice

It’s a simple, actionable model you can apply to any program: For every formal learning, we design and facilitate three on-the-job application exercises.

You can apply our model and platform to: 

  • Your Emerging Leaders Program

  • Your New Managers Program

  • Your Managers of Managers Program

  • Hot Topics like Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations, and Situational Leadership (to make short programs stick long-term)


Director of Corporate Training and Development, Estes Express Lines

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